Hollifield Station Elementary PTA

HSES PTA Mission

To provide a forum where parents, teachers, and administrators can promote quality education for all students, to serve as advocates for all children, to provide fun activities for our families that enhance a sense of community and to support our staff in providing the best education possible to our children.
Upcoming Events:
End Year Black Top Party: 6/7/2016, 6:30PM-8:00PM
43397 Let's Party Brand Logo FINAL
Year end party to include DJ, Dancing, Snow Cones, Inflatable Slide, Water Balloon Pop. All HSES families are welcome.

Whats Happeing Now

Congratulations to our Jazz Band and Station Singers. Their performance on Friday, June 2nd at Festival of Music in Hershey Park was incredible. They exceeded the expectation of performing with such poise and they were so well behaved. We brought home 1st place from our competition with a superior rating (the highest) and best of all the students were given a very special award for their good character and outstanding behavior, Esprit De Corps. This award is the most important of all because it shows how respectful our students are and that they represented themselves as great individuals, but also as a whole school.